The Right Caregiver for our baby

28 04 2010

While the mothers have to return actively to work after maternity leave was over, the question is who will care for and supervise your baby. Although many dealers Baby Sitter service company, you should read the following tips when choosing a baby sitter so that the liver when working calmly and avoid caregiver “naughty”.

1. Search for reference. Better ask your colleagues to compare and find the dealer services company in the carers in the newspaper or classifieds. Usually the recommendation could provide a sense of confidence that you choose a good nanny.

2. Experience is a must. If you’ve found a prospective nanny you should ask further whether he had experienced. Some specific questions such as, how to interact with the children or how to cope if the child cried for 10 minutes without stopping. Even simple questions about first aid as well you can use. Answer prospective caregiver will help you to gauge the experience and responsibilities of babysitting.

3. Review the references. After narrowing your choices then you should double check with the contact or even meet directly with the person who hired him before or can also check at classifieds. That way you can know how and how long he worked. Ask for an honest answer whether he was working well and responsibly.

4. Permanent monitoring. After references are checked and OK, you can call a baby sitter come to your place to safeguard children. Allow caregivers interact with children but remains in your control either tacitly or from another room. This will give you an opportunity for caregivers to work, so she was not awkward if at any time you need to travel

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Keris sebutanku

24 04 2010

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Hello world!

24 04 2010

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